Organizing the universe.

The past few days have been a royal pain in the rectum. The rain has not let up, and I've had to dry out the floor pan twice in that time. I got frustrated enough to rip off the useless car cover and invested in some builders plastic sheeting. That sorted the wet pan out. But I still had to deal with all the parts I had lying around.

My workshop is my "garage", and due to my lack of discipline (and severe shortage of space) I had parts lying all over the place. Yesterday then, amongst dealing with sudden support requirements from work, I cleaned up the garage.

Below you can see some of my efforts. I bought 3 decent bins from my local Pick 'n Pay which I placed all the parts into. Here you can see one of them in action.

Now here is some gold that happened to land at my feet thanks to another type 3 enthusiast (yes, this is you I'm talking about Adriaan :). Parts and funds were exchanged and all told I'm rather happy with what I got.
You can see two single carb's here and two single-port carbs for a twin carb setup. There is also a very good set of quarter windows and a complete set of re-conditioned dials. Yup... as I said. Pure gold!

This portion of the garage is still not cleaned up. The engine you see there is a 1600 twin port I picked up for a song and a dance. It turns, but it will definately need work to get it running again.

The following 6 pictures are all the odds and ends that I had to pack away. I filled all three bins with just the parts I had lying around. I had to go back to Pick 'n Pay this morning to get 2 more bins, so that I'll have something to put Christn's part into when her stripping begins.

And last but not least, this is Christn's original 1500 single port engine. I got fed up with having to break my back picking it up, so I went and bought a board and some wheels to attach to it. Now I can at least wheel it around the garage floor.

The exhaust that is on it, is apparently and EMPI performance exhaust. I haven't verified it yet, but I'll do my best to save it and keep it on.

I have one more engine that isn't shown here, it's currently in Christn and that's the engine that brought me down from George all the way to Cape Town.

Now, with any amount of luck, the stripping can happen this week. If the rain stays away and work doesn't drag me away from my life again, I should be done by Sunday... hopefully.


Great to see another Type 3

Great to see another Type 3 being fixed up, sad that there isn't a lot of interest in Type 3s here in South Africa :)

I'm very keen to see how this car turns out.

I just wish that I can get cracking on my projects. I simply don't have the time!!

All the best with the project!

Thanks blitz :), I can't

Thanks blitz :), I can't wait to see your Fasty at a show either.