When you work on cars, your hands get dirty. I've tried just about everything on the market to help clean myself after a day in the garage, some of them did a half decent job, others simply don't live up to the advertised results.

One afternoon, after doing the front brakes on my beetle, my legs were covered in break-lining dust and fine metal shavings. I was rather stupid that day, doing the work while wearing a pair of shorts. After half an our outside, trying to scrub myself clean, I decided to continue the job in the shower. Nothing worked, I stopped short of using a pot scourer to scrape the filth off.

In desperation I jumped out of the shower, ran to the kitchen to grab a hand full of the stuff my wife uses to do our washing. Back in the shower, I found that the dust simply flowed away after a few rubs with a hand soaped up with this:

I now have a permanent supply of it in my garage, and there is always a bucket with a Bio-Classic solution in it while I'm working.