This is my junk box. Random thoughts on life, the universe and everything. NO! I'm not a blogger, so this site will never have regular updates. But it will continue to grow. Reflect my interests, surprises and other things I might decide to dump here.

The Wanderer

From place to place, I travel alone.
This vast universe, my house and home.

Battles, great and small.
I've seen them all.
Some won, some lost.
Some cheap, Some at terrible cost.

Friends are few and far between.
To far, it would seem.
Yet love I've had and love I've lost.
Sometimes sad, sometimes not.

At times I need to cry,
At times I know not why.
Yet often, for ones gone bye.

The years are kind,
The days are murder.
An answer I find
helps carry me further.

Here I chose to stay a while.
Perhaps a day, perhaps another mile.
Relations will be made and broken,


With things slowing down on Project Christn, and wanting to have an off site backup of the poetry I've done. I've decided to put it here. Feel free to be as brutal as you'd like. Some of this might be passable, most of it is just plain crap.

O yea... these are copy righted by me, as in property of me, myself and I. Sorry, you are not allowed to re-produce them in any form, physical or digital without written consent from myself... AND NO ONE ELSE!

I haven't written anything in years, so these are from my files.

Gearing down.

Sorry, no pictures today. I was working under a bit of a deadline and could not take the time to press the proverbial button.

I have a rear suspension, that I took off of a Fastback, that became the parts train for Christn. This still had the gearbox on it, and after seeing Christn's gearbox, I decided to rather use the Fastback one. So tonight was spent taking the axles out so I can package it and send it, to a man I trust with rebuilding it.

Future Reflections

Things are rather slow now that Christn isn't home. So I'm doing the things I can while she's away.

Last night was a failed experiment involving tin, some metal cutters, body putty and quick drying spray. It was interesting, but a complete botch. The purpose being to get an estimate of how long it would take to manufacture side boards for Christn, out of tin. Needless to say... that isn't an option anymore.

Off to see the wizard.

So today finally arrived. It's been a long time coming and I must admit, there were times that I strongly doubted things would ever get this far. It's done though and now I have to turn my thoughts to the future.

But before I do that, let me tell you about today.

I got a phone call from Jewan, from XLNT panelbeaters at 9am sharp, asking if I'm ready for Christn to be picked up. He sounded quite happy when I told him all was ready. Not to long afterwards, they arrived and

Spagetti Incident

First thing this morning, I had a little negotiation with that "Clown's bracket", using a grinder. Luckily I had a small grind blade left form previous use, that allowed me to get into the cramped space. The negotiations were swift and the rear bumper finally came off.

Lower it! Slowly!

And today we saw the removal of an engine, but before we got to that point, I decided it would be wise to get all the fuel out of Christan's tank, before she left. This left me with a rather interesting situation, as I simply don't have the jerrycan solution other people have. But! I do have a rather nice siphon pump and a 5 liter water bottle, stored in the garage for weeks, awaiting just such a task.

Here they are in action.

A few choice words.

Well, most of the interior came out today, things like the dashboard, and door panels. But the one thing that finally relented and allowed me to remove it, was the right headlight. Several small grinding stones, a drill bit and a few choice words, rewarded me with:

This of course, is the easy part. Stripping is far more forgiving than assembly. Here's the passenger side door, right before I removed the arm rest.

Product reviews

There are quite a few products that I use, a lot of them in ways that they were never intended for. This is where I give credit to those and other products.

Doing the strip-teaze.

Yup, the sun gods have been kind and I've had a few days to get some stripping done. Unfortunately Murphy and his law payed a visit, so I didn't get to everything I wanted to get done.

I started off by spraying the wheel nuts and bumper bolts with Q20. During the process I found that someone decided to be funny and welded a bracket OVER one of the bolts of the rear bumper. I'll have to grind the bracket off to get to the bolt. But to do that I'll have to get the engine out. So the rear bumper is still on.

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