This is my junk box. Random thoughts on life, the universe and everything. NO! I'm not a blogger, so this site will never have regular updates. But it will continue to grow. Reflect my interests, surprises and other things I might decide to dump here.

Raco Super-Drive

My grandfather was a Gedore man, my father is a Gedore man, I was a Gedore man.
Today, I swear by Raco. Not the normal ones, it has to be the Super-Drive ones.

After a little demonstration at my favorite parts store, I simply had to have this set of tools.

Freeplay SelfPowered SolarPowered AM/FM Radio

This little toy has paid for itself many times over. The solitary hours in a garage can be tiresome, but with this little radio tuned to 567 Cape Talk Radio, I can work on my projects and listen to golden oldies, while keeping an ear to the ground with the regular news reports.

Fabulous Fiber-glass fun

Yup, no updates for a long time, but I've been busy with things related to this project that are not worth mentioning here. Let's face it, I'm not going to show how I have put racks up in my garage, nor am I going to waste your time with pictures of me building a cabinet for my tools, so that Christn can move into a clean garage when she comes back.

This easter weekend however, I've managed to get back to the actual project.

You all remember this:

Dashing experiment

Between work, doing tax returns and other annoying interruptions, I have managed to progress. So here is the latest in what I've been up to.

Every type 3 Volkswagen owner knows that the one thing common to all these cars, is a cracked dashboard.
They always tend to crack ether at the dials or at the speaker holes. Either which way, they tend to crack in
a manner that makes it impossible to do a decent repair job on them... Yes! I have tried.

Based on this I decided to do a little experiment. I have a chopped up Fastback in my back yard. When I did

The real world.

Yes I know, I've been more than just quiet for way to long. Unfortunately, I'm a subject to this thing they call reality. Here there are no magic wands and if you want something you have to damn well work for it.

I'm proud however, of what I've achieved over the last few months. Not only on Christn but also at work.
But this is about Christn so I won't bore you with the work details. One thing though, you will have to ignore the dates on the pictures below. They are completely wrong as the camera was not set correctly.

Gears and Covers.

Yes, there has not been an update from me in quite some time.

No, I've not been sitting idle :D

First bit of news, is that my gearbox has gone there and back again. I had it overhauled at Bugger Transmissions. They have an incredible rap in the community when it comes to their gearboxes. I'm also lucky enough to know the owner personally. So there is no doubt in my mind as to the quality of this rebuild. Here are some pictures of the final product, awaiting installation.

The Unicorn

I can finally let the cat out of the bag on this one. It's been a long time coming, many years in fact. All of you know about Project Christn, if you don't, you havn't been reading this site. Just take a look at the menu selection on the left of of your screen. It's all there.

Panels and Parcels

The last few days I have been entreated to a personalized hell, consisting of various body pains combined with the inability to breathe. Yes, you've guessed it, I had a nasty visit from the flue virus.

Anyway, I left you hanging at last Friday night, when I did the gearbox. Saturday morning I started on the door panels. I'm cutting new ones and I'll be covering them myself.

The Beast

You call me an angel, the perfect man,
you both love and fear me.
Unlike any other, I can,
perceive every possibility.

A mission you had,
to find my flaw.
Yet failed to understand:
No flaw, is what you are looking for.

Yes I am perfect,
yes I understand.
I treat you with respect,
with love I make my stand.

I defy category,
while you see as perfect,
what I see as mandatory.
And to be quite direct,
to me belongs the glory.

For I will not alter,
my way of life.
Where most falter,
I’ll succeed the strife.

Yet being perfect,
Is a lonely prospect.

My Mother

There she is.
That is her,
my mother.

Whenever I got angry or troubled.
When life got muddled.
It was never a bother
to turn to my mother.

We walked a long road, behold,
through dizzy city and desert cold.
Many secrets to each other,
we told.

At times she carries me.
At times I carry her.
At times life gets so tough,
we have to lean on each other.

Yet, like soldiers, we see it through.
Ask her, she’ll say it’s true.

I don’t think she knows
How many of life’s blows
I would never have survived
If she was not by my side.

Even now.

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