This is my junk box. Random thoughts on life, the universe and everything. NO! I'm not a blogger, so this site will never have regular updates. But it will continue to grow. Reflect my interests, surprises and other things I might decide to dump here.

The Rietvlei trace

Here I show you how to make your own Rietvlei traces that are competition ready.


In this episode, I teach you all you need to know about the various knots you'll have to make.

Chapter 2 : Putting it all together

This is where everything starts falling into place.
The chapter kicks off with teaching you all the knots you'll need to know, how to make your own rigs, how to spool line on to a reel and all the other details you'll need to bring everything you have bought into play.

The rest of it.

Feed and Basic attractants


Fishing Line



Chapter 1 : What to buy and what to avoid

Here you'll find videos explaining what you will definately need, what the nice to have items are and what you definately should not buy.

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