This is my junk box. Random thoughts on life, the universe and everything. NO! I'm not a blogger, so this site will never have regular updates. But it will continue to grow. Reflect my interests, surprises and other things I might decide to dump here.

Hell's machinery.

Bone-crusher, Nail-ripper, Ice!
Gut-clencher, Eye-popper, Knife!

Compared to Heart-mender,
they be the gentler,

DJB - 2015-08-07

Call me Mister Grey.

No more Doctor Jekyll, no more Mister Hyde.
No more bright light, nor dark side.

Never looked into my eyes,
fear of what behind them lies.
With one last tear, this Broken-angel dies.

Confronted by life's mirror,
thoughts of demons made me quiver.
Those cold dark eyes, a spinal shiver.
But found only me, now truths deliver.

Angel and Demon are one,
      only human.

Light and Dark twist,
      into sunrise mist.

Black and white decay,
      into Fifty Shades of Grey.

DJB - 2015/08/04

Episode 3 - A tree in the family

Mentor had to act quickly, the people of Tunap were in a desperate state. Their part in the situation they are suffering now, was minor compared to his own. Though some would argue he had good reason, he knew there was no excusing his negligence; He is a god, the mortals are under His charge. When they suffer, his is the will that causes it, and it should be allowed only with great care and direction.

Episode 2 - The last Seleucarian

Date: 5 Lupar, 315 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire.

It was a beautiful, late-summer day in the Black Forest. Most creatures were going about the normal activities of life, some were engaged in the activities of ending life, but only one was busy with the business of death.

Episode 1 - Those Eyes

Nine-nine-three-seven-two started his morning with a tea-ritual, an hour before sunrise. Fully aware that he would die that day, his only regret, was that he could not remember his name. He knew he had one, he remembers his mother, father, four brothers and sister. He remembers their faces, conversations and even the scent of honey-soap emanating from his sister's hair, after her daily bath. Yet, the names escape him completely. Somehow, in the last eon of battle and combat, he managed to forget there ever was such a thing.

Those Eyes

This is the short story entitled: Those Eyes.

It's the background for my character in Achaea, Athelas. The whole motivation behind the creation of Athelas, was based on events in a world I ran for some friends of mine. That world, called Tunap, was of my own creation. I've lost most of my notes on that world but still had the background story for Athelas tucked away. I'm keeping it here for posterity.


I play a text MUD called Achaea, here you will find all my personal stuff regarding characters, back stories, scripts etc, etc, etc.

Making and storing leader line.

Your leader line is critical in dealing with the stresses of casting. In this video, I teach you how to make your own leader lines and how to store them.

Spooling line on to reels

Yea, it's possible to prevent line tangles, simply by using the correct way to spool it on to your reel.
In this video, I show you how.

The Paternoster (a.k.a Boer or Vaaldam) Trace

Here I demonstrate the assmebly of the Paternoster Trace.

You'll use this trace when you need to get more distance than you'd get from the Reitvlei. It is also used in muddy bottoms in order to keep your hook-bait above the mud.

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