This is my junk box. Random thoughts on life, the universe and everything. NO! I'm not a blogger, so this site will never have regular updates. But it will continue to grow. Reflect my interests, surprises and other things I might decide to dump here.

Please don't cry alone

Once more we stand in grief,
numbness, and disbelief.

Again we suffer this pain,
once more tears flow in vain.

What lies beyond this wall,
to whom can we call?

Mother, we love you!
Mother, we need you!

Please don't cry alone,
let our love be shown.

Be gone this winter from our heart,
in spring no longer apart.

Let love bloom,
no more seeds of gloom.

Within the circle we are one.
Alone this can't be done.

Please ... Don't cry alone.
Come home.

Crawled or fell

I've played this game,
seen it before.
It's all the same,
I'll say no more.

Match me if you can,
It's not a scam.
But heed my warning:
There is no walking!

It's run, or Die!
It's sink, or Fly!
It's DO! Not Try!
None have time to cry!

It's hard, I know.
But one must Grow.
Or fall below,
this deadly snow.

My wings are black.
My halo Gold.
If time could crack,
you'd see me Old.

Flown from Heaven,
Crawled from Hell.
In days of seven,
we cast a spell.

To save what we could,
dread that we should.
To stop the war,
and ask for more!

To not be soldier,

Rip this broken heart from my chest

Rip this broken heart from my chest!
Result of such cruel jest.
No mortal can stand this test.

Rip this broken heart from my chest.
Allow me life in a way that's best.
Make me numb so I may rest.

Rip this broken heart from my chest.
By Thoth denied and refreshed,
remaining torn and cleft.

Rip this broken heart from my chest.
It's mercy, not theft.
I swear I won't contest.

Rip this broken heart from my chest.
In it's place a stone enmeshed.
Of life and love bereft.

Rip this broken heart from my chest,
and exit,
stage left.



As I pass from here to There.
I sincerely do declare:

I will not come back!
Had enough of this crap!
Don't need this shit!
Spent lifetimes cleaning it!

Grow up!
Good luck.
Good Bye.

At Heaven's Behest

Hell is manifest,
at Heaven's behest.
My journey, not by request.

I walked Hell's halls,
trough bloody river falls.
Scaled those infernal walls!

But heaven's trials,
harsher by miles.
Loved to death, with hugs 'n smiles!

Fear that share of joy,
those smiles far too coy.
Who, is whom's toy?

These lessons of love,
from below or above?
The agony, a tailored glove.

With Good intentions rife,
yet Evil gave me life.
Why keep marching, to drum and fife?

Of Chaos I'm born,
through Order found form.
Keep your silly scorn!

But look into my eyes,
the truth, no lies.


If I had a magic wand,
I'd take away your pain.
If I had a wishing pond,
I'd make your world sane.

I know it's bad,
I feel your sad.
Words are what I have.
To drive away the mad.
And hope to make you glad,
there's sun-shine to be had.

Though dark it might seem,
There's much to redeem.
In daylight we'll stand,
even hand in hand.

I'll smile for you,
as you smiled for me.
Though pain there be,
you'll see we are free.

And hope does spring ...



Poetic Justice

There once was a lonely bard,
who found a glistening shard.

From shard he was parted,
by damsel cold hearted.

Paid her back our bard did,
on her grave ... He farted.


To not despair.

Show me a person,
Who is not broken.
I'll show you one,
Who has not spoken.

The cracks are always there.
But it's rude to stare.
And hard not to care.
Life just isn't fair.

Only the brave will dare,
Some secrets to share.
To those not ready,
for life of plenty:

The cracks are always there!
The light within to glare.
To show we dare to care!
To Live and not despair!


I come, I go.

I come, I go,
I never seem to leave though.

Here, Athelas.
There, Vengeance.
Elsewhere, Persistence.

An infinite existence.

So many worlds,
so many names.
None, are games!

Each it's own reason.
Each it's own rhyme.
Each, a lesson in time.

Immortality. Is! My! Crime!

A being spread thin,
between now and then.
A multiverse it's skin.

And turmoil within.

Delicate balance,
of love and malice.
Never in absence,
of brimming chalice.

Yet grace of gods,
is not God's grace.
When many are one,
and act like None.

Lifetimes of screaming,

Leave me peace

I'm such a fool,
a complete tool!
The village idiot,
under Cupid's rule.

With helm of wisdom,
and sword of sage.
My armour complete ...
I stand in defeat.

A battlefield littered,
with the corpses of hope.
A soldier embittered,
as dreams flee from scope.

This quiet space,
missing gods grace.
Filled with calm ...
Love's cursed charm.

This quiet surrender,
is all I have left.
No longer contender,
my will now cleft.

I resign my commission,
not asking permission.
For me this is over!
Come no closer.

Fight Love's battles,
if you so wish.
Enjoy its prattles,

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