Just a party.

In the darkness, they created.
They call on me for light.
In the chaos, they courted.
They call on me to fight.

They jump into danger,
then beg for my might.
Yet I'm naught but entertainer,
once they're free of plight.

They abuse my love and care,
when they risk and dare.
Safe in the knowledge:
That when they fall I'm there.

Then when I try to teach,
they accuse that I preach.
And offer me a cup,
of shut-the-fuck-up.

Well I've had enough,
of this childish behaviour.
I'll watch them fall and scuff,
like any other stranger.

I refuse to be saviour,
when of their demise,
they are the creator.
Is this a surprise?

I'll wrap my heart in concrete,
from their contempt I retreat.
Some will call it deceit,
but from care I am deplete.

They'll learn or burn.
No longer my concern.
For rest, it is my turn.
My love will now be stern.

My service no longer free,
for saving they'll pay dearly.
Their actions stated clearly:
To them it's just a party!

DJB - 2023-10-22