Lady Of the Ocean (Part 3) - First Day

My corpse, now feeds a crow.
Though soul in joyful glow.

Prophecy smiles, Wisdom nods.
These three sods,
did their jobs.

We turn our sight to Lady Rose.
Though miss her final pose.
Yet witness Enemy's woes.

Clutching staff to stand,
her strength no more at hand.

Sea: "Thank you child."
Land: "Thank you child."

Rose now hand in hand,
with both sea and land.

Leave for garden green.
Never again, to be seen.

Three souls linger,
to see the Redeemer.
As survivors rise,
in dawn's surprise.

No more cities,
no more village.

All to dust,
and foolish past.

All gods gone.
As is their song,
Of blood and gore,
we'll hear no more.

No more Chaos, no more Order.
No more Good, no more Evil.
Just ... People.

Rising the Redeemer,
scolds us as we linger.

Our time has come,
First day ... Begun.